Partner Announcement: 2Grips

BelgiumToday, we are proud to announce the partnership with 2Grips. The consultants of this Belgian/Dutch firm have gained an enormous amount of experience implementing different IT service management solutions. They have recognized the unique benefits that 4me provides for multinationals and organizations that want to actively manage their external service providers.

2Grips logoOver the past months, 2Grips has already been very active with 4me for several customers. They witnessed first hand the ease with which these organizations achieved service management success.

“Seeing how quickly 4me can be set up, even for organizations with requirements that are difficult to meet with conventional enterprise service management applications, has convinced us that this is something extraordinary,” says Joost van Iersel, Managing Partner at 2Grips. “Every large enterprise should, at the very least, take a serious look at 4me.”

It is wonderful to see the 4me Partner Network grow with so much expertise. We are looking forward to working with 2Grips for many years to come.