Partner Announcement: Aristar Consulting Group

U.K. Flag4me is delighted to announce that Aristar Consulting Group has joined the 4me Partner Network. Based in the United Kingdom, Aristar helps organizations reduce costs and increase revenue.

Aristar Consulting Group logoCustomers engage Aristar to revitalize their organization’s portfolio of IT services so that it meets the demands of a modern organization. In many instances, the skills provided by Aristar will deliver the improvements sought through improved process alignment and service performance. In other cases, the recommendation will be to completely reassess the installed solutions and to use the 4me service to provide the collaborative platform needed to manage all internal and external providers the organization relies on.
“After many years of working client-side in IT Management, we have learned what works and what really doesn’t. That, combined with our understanding of the risks of a service disruption and the associated costs, allows us to cast a critical eye across an organization’s ITSM operations. We can typically make tactical recommendations that deliver results quickly, but we needed a strategic partner that will support Aristar when customers really need an ‘emergency airlift’ to a more resilient platform. I see 4me, with its out-of-the-box best practices, secure collaboration and services-centricity as an incredibly valuable alternative to the leading vendors out there today,” said Karl Richardson, Managing Director.
4me is excited to be adding the complementary expertise of the Aristar Consulting Group to the 4me Partner Network and looks forward to much success working with Karl and his team.