Partner Announcement: AXSOS AG

4me is delighted to welcome AXSOS AG to its partner network in Germany.

The IT infrastructure is the central interface for company services and processes, and AXSOS aims to provide its customers with the complete package to manage this. They help select the right solution, tailor all components to the customer’s requirements, and support the users in the best possible way to achieve smooth operation of their IT landscape.

Ideally, the organization and business processes are then supported by high-performance IT infrastructures. This way, the general administration effort can be reduced, and internal resources are relieved. AXSOS attaches great importance to partnerships, aiming to build trust between the parties involved and always putting the goals and the benefit of the customer in the foreground.

Overall, 4me IT service management as delivered by AXSOS AG is designed to provide a user-oriented approach to IT service delivery by making the process more efficient, more effective, and more transparent for end users.

We provide user-oriented IT, and 4me is a perfect fit as it is tailored to meet the needs and expectations of the end users, rather than just focusing on the technical aspects of IT service management. I look forward to introducing the 4me and all its capabilities to our customers.

Bernd Länge, Head of Infrastructure and Security at AXOS AG

4me looks forward to working closely with AXSOS AG to provide customers with the best possible service management solutions.