Partner Announcement: Bright Brains

4me is delighted to welcome Bright Brains into its partner network in the Middle East and North Africa.

Bright Brains is a leading professional services company in UAE and the best IT Services Company in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. With their stable, secure, and functional solutions, they provide unmatchable technical expertise and industry experience.

Bright Brains seeks to support the growth of its clients, and it needed a service management partner whose solutions could scale accordingly. 4me’s innovative and adaptable platform empowers them to effortlessly adjust and expand their offerings, ensuring they can meet the ever-changing demands of their customers. By partnering with 4me, Bright Brains can now provide its clients with a seamless, integrated service experience, enhancing their journey from the initial inquiry to the final result.

In addition, 4me offers a unique license model; with a single license, users gain access to all modules, unlike other service management platforms that require purchasing each module independently. This approach translates to significant cost savings for Bright Brains’ clients, making the 4me solution attractive for businesses seeking comprehensive service management.

We see immense potential in 4me becoming the leading service management platform. By joining forces now, we can ensure our clients are among the early adopters who will benefit from 4me’s innovative solution. It will enable us to deliver a comprehensive solution with even more value and streamlined service management to our customers.

Tarek Oraby, CEO at Bright Brians

4me looks forward to working closely with Bright Brains to introduce more customers in the Middle East and North Africa to our complete service management platform.