Partner Announcement: Experience Design

experience design

4me is expanding its activities in the Nordics and is delighted to welcome Experience Design as its partner. Experience Design is based in Denmark and has many years of experience with service and product automation and digital innovation for companies and industries in the Nordics. They have a unique focus on employee experience (EX) and how it can be designed and implemented for the enterprise of the future.

One of the focus areas of Experience Design is to digitize and help manage the operating models for employee products and services, making sure they are available, mobile, and reliable to be accessed no matter the time or location. Of course, Experience Design’s vision ‘to enable a great employee experience’ is not possible without the best and most reliable technology in the cloud.


To achieve a great employee experience, an enterprise needs a shared digital platform, operating model, and a unified mobility strategy. And this is where 4me comes in. 4me is the next-generation enterprise service management solution that fundamentally changes the way services are offered and consumed for all back-office functions. By design, it gives the transparency and control enterprises are asking for at a dramatically lower cost.

Lasse Wilen“4me offers a revolutionary platform with an attractive and simple licensing model for our current and future customers. One of the issues we see in the market is that customers can be locked in complex licensing models preventing them from innovating and becoming truly agile. 4me’s unique architecture with built-in cloud advantage, simplicity, data trusts, and integrations makes it easy to expand your engagement system from IT to the rest of the enterprise and your partners. With 4me, we can now implement our solutions even faster and more agile than we are used to.”

Lasse Wilén, Partner at Experience Design

The team at 4me is looking forward to a great partnership and achieving great things together.