Partner Announcement: Flowbuilders

4me is expanding its activities in the Nordics and is delighted to welcome Flowbuilders as its partner. Flowbuilders is based in Denmark and has many years of experience with IT Service and Asset management for companies in the Nordics. Flowbuilders is dedicated to offering the best solutions and highest level of experiences in IT Service and Asset management.

A key focus area for Flowbuilders is IT Asset Management. Focus is the fusion between the company’s IT assets and the financial, contractual, and risk management activities needed to manage these assets throughout their lifecycle, while supporting tactical and strategic decision-making. All this can best be controlled in the context of the organization’s ITSM and ESM processes, making 4me’s complete service management platform the obvious choice for their customers.

Flowbuilders are proud to be the first company in Denmark to focus solely on 4me’s tool to support customers in their continuous journey in ITSM, ESM and IT Asset management.

We are truly excited to not only add, but to dedicate our focus on 4me as the tool of choice for our current and future customers. Coming from a highly specialized consultancy business, we believe that the transparent licensing model, the quick to implement and uniquely built cloud-based architecture with the founding idea of trusts between data, customer, and processes, will allow the entire business to collaborate seamlessly. 4me’s next-generation solution has the potential to be truly disruptive for everyone involved, from service providers to internal stakeholders and customers.

Jess Kristoffersen, Managing Partner, Flowbuilders

4me is looking forward to working closely with Flowbuilders to serve their customers in the Nordics with the best possible solutions.