Partner Announcement: IMAVES

CroatiaToday 4me formally welcomes IMAVES to the 4me Partner Network.  For 18 years already, IMAVES has provided Croatia with ITIL experts.  The IMAVES team has dedicated itself to delivering enterprise-class service management solutions to businesses and government institutions in Croatia and the surrounding countries.

CEO Milan Vesel has been tracking 4me’s progress from the start.  In 2019 he finally decided that to start the process of becoming a 4me partner.

Milan VeselA new generation of service management solutions has gradually reached maturity over the past decade.  It was time for us to decide which one to invest our time in so that we are able to help organizations migrate.  Modern cloud-based solutions are able to provide tremendous benefits for our customers and they are realizing that the time has come to reap these benefits.  We selected 4me mainly because it is the only enterprise service management solution that makes optimal use of the cloud and is not simply offering a hosted environment.

Milan Vesel – CEO at IMAVES

Several members of the 4me organization have already had the pleasure of working with Milan and his team in the past.  It is great to be working together again.