Partner Announcement: ITOne Infotech

4me is delighted to welcome ITOne Infotech as its partner in India.

ITOne Infotech is a leading IT services and technology company with many years of experience in information technology, bringing customers in India high-impact customized IT solutions and services to assure peerless growth for businesses of all sizes.

Since ITOne Infotech has been active in the managed IT services business, it has come across multiple demands from organizations that individual tools are unable to fulfill. Enterprise service management requirements have changed over the past years. Instead of just ITSM deliverables, organizations are in need of other functionalities related to their business.  They are in need of a solution that enables all internal departments and external service providers to work together seamlessly and securely.

Providing a solution for all requirements has turned out to be quite a challenge for ITOne Infotech, as some of the other service management tools are either too expensive or they fail to satisfy all the requirements. Hence, its clients ended up investing in multiple tools.

In their search for one complete solution for all, they came across the perfect solution. 4me isn’t just an ITSM tool but offers a very comprehensive enterprise service management (ESM) platform. It’s THE solution for each department of the organization and its external providers. The next-generation, out-of-the-box collaboration capabilities of 4me enable enterprises and managed service providers to connect their service management workflows and collaborate seamlessly using one platform. And thanks to its unique architecture, this complete service management platform is ready-to-use and fast and easy to implement.

When we discovered 4me wasn’t in India yet, we decided it was high time to become 4me partner. India is a manufacturing hub with great digital transformation scope. We’re so proud to bring this complete service management platform to India. It introduces our customers to a whole new world of possibilities to increase the quality and efficiency of their service management across the organization.

Vijaykumar Desai, EVP at ITOne Infotech

4me looks forward to working closely with ITOne Infotech to introduce more customers in India to our complete service management platform.