Partner Announcement: Optimatis

4me® is delighted to welcome Optimatis into its partner network as the very first partner based in Poland.

The company has extensive experience in the implementation of IT solutions to optimize and automate business processes and resource management, and to integrate them with existing IT systems.

Optimatis has been implementing ITSM and ESM solutions in Poland and the rest of Europe for many years, tailoring them to the specific needs of each business or client. It provides a comprehensive customer service, from the selection of the solution, through requirement analysis and implementation, to an audit of the system in operation. This is all backed by its considerable knowledge and experience.

4me enables the creation an ecosystem of business service providers, giving Optimatis the ability to offer its customers mechanisms for their own business partners to cooperate.

The speed of implementation and flexibility, characterized by the 4me solution, are important elements of competitive advantage in today’s world. And this is all possible thanks to combining ITSM, ESM and SIAM into one solution – 4me.”
Robert Gontkiewicz, CEO of Optimatis

4me is looking forward to working with Optimatis to help it to give its customers a competitive advantage.