Partner Announcement: Red Shift Consultants

U.S.A. FlagWe are extremely happy today to announce a new partnership with Red Shift Consultants as we continue to build up the 4me Partner Network in the United States.

Red Shift Consultants recognize the value 4me brings to their MSP and federal government customers through strong governance and service level reporting alongside ease of use and superb performance, all of which are essential to managing the service supply chain.
Logo Red Shift ConsultantsThe consultants at Red Shift are experts in delivering solutions aimed at reinvigorating the service portfolio of the organizations they work with. Combining process and technical knowledge, they lead customers towards smarter, more integrated IT.
“At Red Shift we always look for solutions that bring innovation while improving customer experience and 4me fits that bill perfectly. Ease of deployment and out-of-the-box best practices help our customers gain value more quickly while 4me’s unique ‘trust relations’ allow customers and external providers to collaborate and share one version of the truth,” said Tobias Escalante, Delivery Practice Manager.
4me is excited to be adding the expertise and passion of Red Shift Consultants to the 4me community and we look forward to much success working with Tobias and his team.