Partner Announcement: Silpion IT Service Management

4me is delighted to welcome Silpion IT Service Management to its partner network in Germany.

Silpion IT Service Management GmbH is a comprehensive IT engineering firm that specializes in software development, IT infrastructure, and consulting. With around 40 employees and a significant pool of selected external developers and consultants, the company works on the implementation of demanding projects for well-known clients from both the medium-sized business sector and large corporations. They serve a broad array of clients, including those in the automotive industry, manufacturing and production, banking and insurance, healthcare, and the public sector.

Since its establishment in 2015, Silpion ITSM GmbH, a subsidiary of Silpion IT-Solutions GmbH, has played a pivotal role in streamlining processes. Whether it’s digitalization, process improvement, or optimizing complex workflows amidst increasing cost pressures, Silpion and its dedicated team are steadfast partners who embrace challenges at every stage of project execution. They maintain an open and constructive dialogue with their clients. The goal is to guide clients on their journey of digital transformation and address IT challenges holistically. This is where they found 4me’s comprehensive service management platform to be an ideal solution.

We are thrilled to embark on a collaboration with 4me and have full confidence in our ability to seamlessly embrace the rapid innovations of the digital age and our customers’ evolving ITSM tool requirements using 4me’s comprehensive and future-proof solution. It will eliminate the need for expensive integrations and considerably improve service efficiency and experience.

Christine Gerke – Head of Sales at Silpion

4me looks forward to collaborating closely with Silpion to introduce more customers to our next-generation ITSM solution.