Partner Announcement: SilverStorm

4me is delighted to welcome SilverStorm as its new partner in Southern Europe, the United Kingdom, Israel, and Latam.

SilverStorm develops digital transformation programs oriented towards agile service and focuses on the combination of personalized experiences of users, business and technology. They provide vision, direction and experience to organizations to boost growth, guarantee business continuity, and improve employee productivity.

SilverStorm extends its business capabilities through a powerful network of technology partners. Together with their partners, they provide clients with the best solutions to carry out an effective digital transformation.

As companies move forward with their digital transformation, they increasingly rely on SaaS solutions. As they are unable to support all these services internally, companies are looking for the most efficient way to collaborate with their service providers. 4me allows them to collaborate seamlessly with their service providers and helps them support their workforce more efficiently while automatically tracking the level of service that each provider delivers.

“With its unique enterprise service management solution, 4me is a great addition to our partner network. Together with 4me, we can ensure that our customers achieve their objectives of improving the performance of their operations and processes, obtaining the best business capacity, reducing costs, and increasing productivity. If a provider is using another service management solution, the 4me integrated service makes it possible to collaborate and track the service levels while the integration is maintained as-a-service. We look forward to introducing 4me’s innovative solution to our customers.”

Rian Butcher, CEO and founder of SilverStorm

4me looks forward to working together with SilverStorm to provide more customers with the best possible solutions for their digital transformation.