Partner Announcement: Solis and Luna

4me is delighted to welcome Solis and Luna into its partner network in South Africa.

Founded in 2021, Solis and Luna is a Proudly South African ITSM service provider. They are a Level One BBEE contributor and co-founded by an ITIL Managed Professional. Their passion is rooted deeply in the quality of services they provide to clients.

Solis and Luna’s formula is ‘Innovative, Vibrant, Agile,’ which was also what they were looking for during their perfect partnership venture.

Being part of the IT Service Management world for over 14yrs now, CIO Janice Naidoo knew what she was looking for. Having worked firsthand with ServiceNow, ITSM7, Marval, HEAT, SNOW, Cherwell, and many others throughout the years, she has always kept an open mind and engaged in several demo sessions for service management tooling solutions. She never found the edge she was looking for until she engaged in a demo by 4me.

The 4me demo session left me impressed with a tool that is genuinely unique in offerings and backed by a team that, like us, is truly passionate about service delivery. It is innovative and agile, with the perfect architecture for the current market, and what I believe is the most customer-friendly and flexible pricing model I’ve seen on the market so far. It is easy to use and convenient, accommodating the non-tech savvy end user and tightly scheduled field technician. And last but not least, with 4me, language barriers are a thing of the past which is definitely a game changer in the industry.
I am convinced that 4me is the perfect fit for our portfolio and will greatly benefit our clients and enable an end-to-end service management solution. 4me gives Solis and Luna the edge to escape competition with authenticity and to become the change we want to see in the industry.

Janice Naidoo, CIO of Solis and Luna

4me looks forward to working closely with Solis and Luna to introduce more customers in South Africa to our complete service management platform.