Partner Announcement: Synerity

4me continues to expand its activities in the Nordics and is delighted to welcome Synerity as a new partner. Synerity is based in Sweden and has many years of enterprise service management (ESM) experience.

Since 2015 the company has been helping organizations to tailor enterprise service management solutions in the European region, for customers delivering both internal and external support. Always with a sense of pride, passion, and commitment, striving to exceed customer expectations. Synerity believes in the importance of a customer-focused approach and only works with products and solutions they truly believe in and that have a strong market position and good prospects. Synerity has seen growth and expansion at a rapid rate, doubling its company size in the past few months.

“We are very happy to announce Synerity’s new partnership with 4me, enabling us to provide a wider range of choice to our customers. 4me combines ITSM, ESM, and SIAM capabilities with complete visibility and control of service cost and quality, at an attractive license price and total cost of ownership. We have been following 4me for a couple of years, and when we started to evaluate them more closely over the last six months, we just couldn’t resist becoming a partner and including 4me in our offering. We’re looking forward to a long and successful partnership.”

Glenn Alvérus, CEO of Synerity

4me is looking forward to working closely with Synerity to serve its customers with the best possible solutions.