Partner Announcement: Techly AS

4me is delighted to welcome Techly AS to its partner network in Norway.

Through many years of experience in using and implementing ITSM solutions, the people at Techly AS have experienced a high degree of complexity in implementing and adopting solutions. They see that often too much emphasis is placed on adapting processes and special solutions that result in little increase in efficiency and little focus on costs and value.

Key reasons why Techly chose to work with 4me as the preferred solution for enterprise service management (ESM) and IT service management (ITSM) are the focus on best practices and standardization and the fact that 4me sees the value of collaboration and collecting customer and user experience to constantly improve the solution.

We want organizations to be able to focus more on delivering services than spending time and money on developing and implementing their own solution for ITSM/ESM processes. 4me’s solution for creating service domains and connecting them using trusts makes it unique in today’s market. 4me is a state-of-the-art service management solution with a simple, clear, and transparent licensing model that gives you access to the entire platform for a reasonable price.

Arve Løset, GM Techly AS

4me looks forward to working closely with Techly to provide companies with a comprehensive and efficient service management solution and improve service quality and customer satisfaction.