Partner Announcement: xamplo

4me Welcomes xamplo into Our Partner Network

Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for service management in Switzerland. 4me is excited to announce our strategic partnership with xamplo, a proven expert in the IT service management and enterprise service management fields. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our quest to continue to extend and improve the service and support available to Swiss companies and their IT leaders as they move to adopt 4me as a core piece of their digital transformation strategies.

With a shared ethos of excellence and innovation, xamplo complements our mission to deliver premier service management solutions. Their proficiency in analyzing customer needs and operational process enhances 4me’s capacity to deliver tailored, scalable solutions that drive client success.

In 4me we have found a partner as well as an innovative and high-performance service management solution that brings the discipline of service management to a higher, service-oriented level.

Edo Bezemer, CEO, xamplo

4me is excited about the collaboration with xamplo and is confident the mutual partnership will facilitate the evangelization, delivery and support of 4me’s future-proof service management solution to enterprises across Switzerland.

More about xamplo:
Since its inception in 2015, xamplo has emerged as a dynamic force, combining the acumen of service management professionals with the insight of organizational psychologists. This unique capability enables client organizations to flourish in a digital-centric world, addressing both technological and cultural facets of transformation. xamplo’s proficiency in optimizing service management processes translates to tangible enhancements and a sustainable decrease in IT expenditures. This transformative approach, paired with the integration of 4me’s service management platform, ensures that clients receive comprehensive, transformative support. 4me’s platform is an exemplary addition to xamplo’s services, facilitating the swift and effective deployment of robust service management solutions.

Together, we are driven to champion both digital and cultural transformation, positioning clients at the vanguard of the ever-evolving business ecosystem.