Pass People’s Pictures to 4me Using SCIM

APIMost organizations now use an identity provider like Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Okta, OneLogin or Google Cloud Identity. These services have started to allow their users to upload an image of themselves.

Since the introduction of 4me’s support for the SCIM standard, it has become pretty much standard for new 4me customers to automatically maintain their people records in 4me through SCIM Provisioning).

What is new is that 4me’s SCIM support has been extended to also accept the images, or avatars, of people. That way, the pictures that people uploaded to their organization’s identity provider can be added automatically to their person record in 4me.

Person record with picture

An example of the expressions that can be added to the rule for the ‘SCIM user to 4me person mapping’ in the ‘SCIM User’ section of the Settings console looks as follows:

SCIM rule expressions for obtaining picture of person

The action that is subsequently needed to update a person record in 4me when a picture is available looks like this:

SCIM rule action for obtaining picture of person