Percentage of SLA Resolutions by Impact Level

PercentageSome service owners may want to analyze their performance in great detail.  One way to do this is by opening the report ‘Percentage of SLA Resolution Targets Met and Violated by Service’.

Percentage of SLA Resolution Targets Met and Violated by Service report

A service owner can filter this report by the service he or she is responsible for.  The owner of the Network Connectivity service, for example, could filter the report by the Network Connectivity service.

Percentage of SLA Resolution Targets Met and Violated report filtered by one service

This report could subsequently be filtered further by impact level.  That would show the service owner the percentage of SLA resolution targets resolved within target for one impact level.  But if the service owner wants to know the incident resolution performance for each impact level at the end of each month, it would be better to create a dashboard.

To create this dashboard, the service owner would open a new dashboard and place the report on it once for each impact level.  Each of the four reports can then be filtered by a different impact level.  The name of each report can subsequently be edited to indicate which impact level it is filtered by.  Once that is done, the service owner can filter the entire dashboard by the Network Connectivity service.

Dashboard with SLA report for each impact level

When this dashboard is saved, the service owner can open it whenever a more detailed breakdown is needed for a service performance analysis.

What is new is that the mouse-over dialog, which pops up when someone moves the mouse cursor over one of the horizontal bars, provides more detailed information.  In the past, it would only show the percentages, but now the number of affected SLAs is also presented.

Conversely, in the SLA reports that show the number of SLA targets met and violated, this mouse-over dialog now also shows the percentage.

Number of SLA Resolution Targets Met and Violated report filtered by service report and impact

Service providers that have negotiated complex SLA targets with their customers may find that the additional information provided can help them fulfill their reporting obligations by preparing customer-specific dashboards and sharing those dashboards with their customers.