Performance Tuning

PerformanceThe releases of the past two weekends were focused on making the 4me service even faster. Don’t get too excited, though. We are talking about milliseconds here.

Performance tuning is something we dive into whenever we see that response times of a certain type of transaction are creeping up. This time it was primarily the lookup of Organization records that prompted our investigations.

Several customers now have hundreds of organizations registered in their account. In such environments using a dropdown menu for the selection of an organization does not work very well. That is why every field in which an organization can be selected (such as the Supplier field of a CI, or the Customer field of an SLA) has now been replaced by a suggest box.

Selecting an organization
Simply enter a few characters of an organization’s name and you will find the one you are looking for. If only a few organizations are registered in your account, you can press the down-arrow key to see them listed for selection.