Permission Log Added to System Logs


A new log has been added to the ‘System Logs’ section of the Settings console.  The Permission log keeps track of changes to user permissions.  Organizations can use this log to see which users have gained or lost roles over a set period of time, which can be helpful or even required during audits.

To access the Permission log, a person with the Administrator or Auditor role navigates to the ‘System logs’ section of the Analytics console and clicks on ‘Authentication Log’, the default view of the system logs, and then selects ‘Permission Log’.

System logs permission log

For every permission change an entry is created in which is stored who and when made the change, and which role(s) was/were added or removed for which person. All these attributes can be used as filter options.  From the directory account of an organization, an additional ‘Account’ filter is available, as all the organization’s permission events are visible from there.

Permission log events