Permissions Exposed On Person Record


It is now possible to read the permissions on a person record with automation rules. Permissions is an array of type permission that exposes the following fields and roles:

  • account
  • billable
  • account_administrator
  • account_designer
  • auditor
  • configuration_manager
  • directory_administrator
  • directory_auditor
  • directory_designer
  • financial_manager
  • key_contact
  • knowledge_manager
  • problem_manager
  • project_manager
  • release_manager
  • service_desk_analyst
  • service_desk_manager
  • service_level_manager
  • specialist
  • workflow_manager

With these, the following automation rule expressions can now be created, for example:

Check if a person is a billable user:

paying: person.permissions.any?(billable)

Check if person is a workflow manager in the widget data center account:

mgr: person.permissions.detect(account = 'wdc').workflow_manager

Check if the person has any permissions in the account of the automation rule:

role: person.permissions.any?(account = rule_account)