Personal Views on Change Calendar

Change Calendar

Recently, a second view of the change calendar was added, in which potential conflicting tasks of workflows are hidden from view. This allows change managers to get an easier overview of all the open workflows. There are of course many ways to filter the change calendar, and different managers and organizations can all have their own preferences. It is now possible to save these preferences.

Especially for organizations that have many open workflows, the default ‘Change Calendar’ view can sometimes be overwhelming. To their change managers, changes of category ‘Non-Standard’, for example, are much more interesting to review than standard changes. After adding the desired filter, a personal view can now be created by clicking the Ellipses menu and then selecting ‘Save as Personal View…’.

Change calendar personal view

Like any other personal view, it can be defined by adding a name, any combination of filters, and whether it should be the default view.