Place Project Tasks on Agile Boards

Agile Board

Many teams have already prepared an agile board for their members.  That makes it possible for the team members to pick up work from their team’s board. Requests, problems and change tasks could already be placed on an agile board.  And because it is possible to assign project tasks to teams, it is now also possible to place project tasks on agile boards.

Place project tasks on agile board

Only the project tasks that are assigned to a team can be placed on an agile board.  Because approval tasks can only be assigned to specific individuals, they will never show up on an agile board. Milestones and project tasks in the status ‘Registered’ or ‘Cancelled’ will also not show up on agile boards. 

Anyone who is authorized to update a project task can place it on an agile board.  Similar to requests, problems and change tasks, a project task is automatically added to an agile board when a team has configured an agile board and the project task is assigned to that team (and not to a specific member of that team).