Planned Effort for Change Tasks

ClockThe Planned effort field, which was already available in project tasks, has now also become available for change tasks. The planned effort can be specified in task templates to ensure that change managers do not need to spend time filling out this extra field.

The Planned effort field makes it possible to show the progress of open tasks in the Gantt charts. Note that when the Planned effort field is left empty, 4me assumes for the open tasks that their planned effort is the same as the task’s planned duration.

The Planned effort field makes it possible to calculate how much progress has already been made with the implementation. The new the Progress indicator, which you will find in the ‘Time Entries’ section header, provides a visual representation of this for changes as well as projects.

When you open the ‘Time Entries’ section, you will notice one more enhancement. The task for which each time entry was added is now specified in this section.