Portfolio Management – Bubble Chart Analysis

Bubble ChartTo help organizations decide which projects to fund, a bubble chart has been made available. It can be found in the new ‘Portfolio Management’ section of the Analytics console. This bubble chart shows all proposed projects for which a budget has not yet been allocated.

The higher the expected value of a project, the farther it moves to the right. And the higher the anticipated risk, the higher up the project is presented in the bubble chart. The size of a bubble represents its estimated return on investment (ROI).

The color of a bubble represents the program that the project is associated with. Clicking on the name of a program below the chart removes all projects that belong to this program.
Once funding has been approved for a project, it can be excluded from further portfolio analysis. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Mark as Budget Allocated’ option, or by checking the ‘Budget allocated’ checkbox that is available in the project’s ‘Assessment’ section.

Budget allocated checkbox in Assessment section of 4me project