Prefer Public or Internal Notes


When working in a request by pressing the Edit button with the pencil icon, a specialist can decide to add a note to it. In accounts where the option ‘Strong privacy’ is not enabled in the Account Settings, the default note type is ‘public’, which means it can be seen by anybody who has access to that request. In accounts with strong privacy, the default note type is ‘internal’, which means that this note is only visible to specialists with a role in that account. In both cases, it is of course possible for the specialist to select the other note type, on a case by case basis. In the screenshot below, by pressing the ‘Add internal note…’ link.

Public note

A new option has now been added to the Account Settings, which lets the account administrator decide independently from the ‘Strong privacy’ setting whether notes should be public or internal by default. This gives organizations more flexibility, as it allows them to work without strong privacy but still keep most of the discussions in the requests internal, or the other way around.

prefer internal notes

This preferred note-behavior is now also reflected in the note type created from the popup-form when declining a request, or forwarding it to another account.