Prevent External End Users from Mentioning Others


The ‘Mention’ feature allows users to mention others when adding a note to, for example, a request or task.  By mentioning someone, that person receives a notification with the note.  A new setting has been added to the ‘Account Settings’ section of the Settings console that can limit certain users from using this feature: External end users may mention others.

Account setting mention others

When the box is ticked (and it is ticked by default), external end users may use the mention functionality (using the @ in notes) just as they have always been able to.  When the box is unticked, end users who are part of an external organization within the account will no longer be able to mention others in the Note field of requests, workflow task, and project tasks.

This setting is especially useful for organizations that work with many external end users, such as government organizations, retailers and universities.  Since their end users are generally placed in the same external organization, it makes sense to disallow them to mention each other, and thereby possibly exposing private data.