Prevent Links with Change Template That Have No Justification

Request templateWhen a request template is placed in Edit mode, it used to be possible to link it to a change template which Justification field is empty. This would lead to a situation where the request template could be applied to a request, but the request could not be saved because a change cannot be generated without a value in its Justification field.

To prevent this situation going forward, it is no longer possible to save a request template if it is linked to a change template in which a justification has not been selected. The validation error message: “The Justification field of the Change Template can’t be blank” gets displayed when someone tries to do this.

Validation error message: The justification field of the change template cannot be blank

In addition, the Justification field of a change template can no longer be emptied when this change template is linked to one or more request templates.