Prevent People from Sending Email to 4me

EmailThe ‘Email Policy’ section in the Settings console has two new options.  The first is called ‘Allow inbound email to generate new requests’.  When this option is checked, people are able to send email to the email address specified in the Inbound mailbox field, or the email addresses specified in the Team records of the organization’s 4me account.  These inbound email messages will then be processed by the Mail API of 4me to generate new request records.

Email policy allowing inbound email to 4me

The second option that has been added is called ‘Allow replies to be added as notes’.  When this option is checked, people can send an email message to 4me to get it added as a new note to an existing record (i.e. a request, problem, release, change, change task, project or project task).

The objective of these 2 new options is to offer organizations the ability to stop people from using email to create or update records in 4me.  Especially now that the 4me App is available, there is a better and more secure way to communicate and collaborate.  For some organizations the time has already come to switch off email as a means of contacting support.  More organizations are expected to follow in the coming years.