Private Reservations


Reservation offerings are used to define which configuration items (CIs) can be made available for people to reserve for temporary use. So far, these reservations have always been public: any user who was able to make a reservation for the same CI could click on an existing reservation by another person in the Reservations Calendar and see details of it, as long as that person was not defined in an end user privacy account. It is now possible to make a reservation offering private in any account.

For this, a new option has been added to the reservation offering form: Reservations are private. Selecting it makes all current and new reservations based on this reservation offering private in 4me Self Service.

Private reservation

It is then still possible to see reservations of other people in the Reservations Calendar, but only the CI and the reserved time slot. When clicking on the reservation, a pop-up with the details (including the name of the person making the reservation) is not shown, as it otherwise would be.

Private reservation self service