Process KPI Dashboards

DashboardWhen people go to the Analytics console, they will notice that the ‘KPIs’ section has disappeared.  This section had become obsolete when all KPI graphs also became available in the ‘Reports’ section.  These standard reports have several important advantages over the old graphs.  Specifically, they have:

  • more filters,
  • longer date ranges,
  • multiple time interval options, and
  • can be placed on dashboards with other reports.

In addition to taking away the ‘KPIs’ section, the ‘Dashboard’ (singular) section has also been removed from the Analytics console.  This section offered a static dashboard that opened when someone opened the Analytics console.  It has been replaced with the ‘Dashboards’ (plural) section, which allows people to create, customize, share and duplicate dashboards.  This section already existed, but has now become the default section that opens when someone accesses the Analytics console.

To make sure people can still get a comprehensive overview of the performance of a process, the following dashboards have been added to every 4me account:

  • Change Management KPIs
  • Knowledge Management KPIs
  • Problem Management KPIs
  • Project Management KPIs
  • Request Management KPIs
  • Risk Management KPIs

Process KPI dashboards

Designers and administrators can adjust these dashboards as needed for their organization, or they can simply delete these dashboards.

The designers and administrators will also notice a new option when they place a shared dashboard in Edit mode.  They are now able to mark one shared dashboard as the default dashboard for their organization.

Default dashboard

Checking the Default dashboard box in one of the shared dashboards causes this dashboard to open automatically when someone who is logged into the 4me account of the organization opens the Analytics console.

Default dashboard opens in Analytics console

As part of this change, the following two sections of the Analytics console have been moved all the way to the bottom to ensure all report-related sections are at the top:

  • Conversations
  • Search Phrases