Product Reports Improved

ProductThe following list of product reports was recently made available in the ‘Reports’ section of the Settings console:

  • All Products
  • Enabled Products
  • Enabled Products by Brand
  • Enabled Products by Category
  • Enabled Products by Financial Owner
  • Enabled Products by Service
  • Enabled Products by Supplier
  • Enabled Products by Support Team

To simplify things a little, and to make sure that these reports can also be used to obtain an overview of the disabled products, a small adjustment has been made. Because of this, the list has become:

  • Products
  • Products by Brand
  • Products by Category
  • Products by Financial Owner
  • Products by Service
  • Products by Supplier
  • Products by Support Team

By default, the filter ‘Disabled’ is set to ‘is No’ in these reports. To see the disabled products, the filter can be switched to ‘is not No’.

Products by Financial Owner