Provide Feedback on Knowledge Articles

Knowledge ManagementSupport organizations that publish knowledge in 4me are now able to give their end-users the ability to provide feedback. The administrator of an organization’s 4me account can activate this new feature, by checking the ‘Allow knowledge article feedback’ box in the ‘Mobile Settings’ section of the Settings console.

Allow knowledge article feedback in 4me
Once this setting has been activated, end-users will see the options to provide positive or negative feedback below the knowledge articles. The ‘thumbs up’ icon can be pressed to let the support organization know that the article was helpful. End-user can see how many people provided negative feedback only after they provided feedback themselves.
Positive knowledge article feedback in 4me
When the ‘thumbs down’ icon has been pressed, the end-user is encouraged to specify why the article was not helpful.
Negative knowledge article feedback in 4me
As soon as feedback has been submitted, a new request is generated. Such requests make it easy for the support organization to manage the improvement suggestions. It also allows the end-users to see that their input actually gets processed.
Request to improve knowledge article in 4me
Allowing feedback from end users opens up a valuable channel for the continuous improvement of the knowledge articles.