Providers See Request Information Specific to Their Account

Link verticalWhen a request is passed from the 4me account of a customer organization to the 4me account of one of its providers and this provider sets the status to ‘Waiting for Customer’ or ‘Completed’, then the request is returned to the 4me account of the customer. At this point the request’s status for the customer is ‘Assigned’, but it shows up in the views and reports of the provider with the status ‘Waiting for Customer’ or ‘Completed’. That is helpful for the provider, because that is the status that the provider specified in the request. But when the provider places the request in Edit mode, they still see the status that the customer sees, i.e. ‘Assigned’. That has been causing some confusion.

This has been corrected. Now the Team, Member, Status, and Completion reason fields always display the correct value for the account that is looking at the request. The correct values are displayed in the reports, the views, the previews, the search results, in View mode, and also in Edit mode.

The account from which request data is retrieved is now also considered when an export file is generated and when the 4me REST API delivers a response.

For new 4me users, this adjustment should be entirely intuitive. For users who work in a shared service center or for an external provider, and who have been using 4me for a while already, this is an important enhancement that should make their lives a little more straightforward.