Public Access to Knowledge Articles


Since a few months it has been possible for organizations to allow guest users to access their self-service portal.  This feature is mainly used by local governments that provide a portal, or retail organizations that want to allow consumers to contact the service desk.  From 4me Self Service, these guest users can consult knowledge articles with the visibility setting ‘end users’, just as any regular end users of 4me.

It is now even easier for these organizations to share knowledge articles with guest users.  A new ‘Public’ visibility option has been added to all knowledge articles with status ‘Validated’.

Public knowledge article

When that option is enabled and the article is saved, a public link is created which can be copied to the clipboard by clicking the icon next to it.

Public link knowledge article

This link can then be added to a public web page or an intranet page, for example.  Following it brings the user immediately to the knowledge article, without a need to log in and without any of the navigation or other elements that would be available when consulting the article via 4me Self service.  The self service design still applies to the page on which the knowledge article is presented.

Guest knowledge article

With this enhancement, organizations can use the Knowledge Management capability of 4me to create public articles for a wide audience and a wide range of subjects.