Putting Connect 24 into Practice: Launching 4me Enterprise Service Management Within Your Organization

One of Connect 24’s major keynotes, Unlocking Momentum: Navigating Enterprise Service Management with 4me, focuses on how companies can evolve their ITSM architecture into multi-tenant, cross-functional Enterprise Service Management (ESM). ESM, as exemplified by the 4me platform, connects all your departments in an efficient, streamlined structure that boosts overall productivity and service delivery. It’s truly service management for the modern organization – and 4me makes it happen.

If Connect 24 has you energized and excited about instituting cutting-edge ESM, then this blog will help you carry that message back to your organization. Here, we explore the different ways that departments can benefit from ESM. Our aim is to help you build momentum within your organization and encourage the transition to ESM. So, refresh your memory on everything you learned at the keynote, and pick up some new information about the power of ESM with 4me.

Benefits of ESM

4me ESM represents a transformative shift in organizational effectiveness, extending the capabilities of ITSM across the entire enterprise. One of the primary benefits of ESM involves streamlining processes and workflows across departments, breaking down silos with rapid communication and smooth coordination. Through improved cross-organizational alignment and connectivity, 4me ESM enables organizations to deliver a seamless service experience to employees, customers, and stakeholders, ultimately driving greater satisfaction and value across the enterprise.

Leveraging 4me ESM – A Departmental Analysis

Below, you’ll find a number of workflows, for their respective departments, that can be streamlined and optimized with 4me ESM. We’re truly a platform for the entire organization – unifying everyone in one consolidated system that elevates productivity and service quality.

People Operations:

If you work in People Operations or HR, there are likely a number of existing inefficiencies that you’re looking to eliminate. These issues might include having multiple systems with few cross-functional capabilities, routine processes getting missed when communications are lost in email or slack, and difficulties coordinating with other departments. Here’s a look at just some of the various processes that ESM dramatically improves:

  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Internal Transfers
  • Performance Management
  • Creating knowledge articles for common People Ops issues
  • Offboarding


Legal requests are all too often handled by email, without any automation, and it can be remarkably difficult to track project requirements and activity statuses across departments. ESM lets you easily handle:

  • Employee paperwork (onboarding, offboarding, promotions, compensation increases)
  • Employment law and contracting
  • NDA requests
  • Agreements for customers, partners, vendors
  • Insurance requests and coverage
  • Corporate governance
  • Diligence tracking
  • Revenue operations including systems configuration tracking (eg Salesforce, Hubspot, etc)


Finance departments often suffer from a dearth of visibility across departmental budgets, and stubbornly inefficient processing of procurement requests and expense reports. ESM lets finance teams put aside the spreadsheets, offering process optimization for a number of activities, including:

  • Payroll
  • Knowledge articles for common question
  • Spend requests
  • New headcount requests
  • Equity program rollout and management
  • Budgets and AOP (Annual Operating Plan)
  • Procurement
  • Vendor requests
  • Customer billing


Facilities management is always hard work, and it’s often made more difficult when office build-outs are managed in spreadsheets, or when task owners are unaware of requests or due dates, leading issues to go unresolved. ESM gives facilities managers the ability to rapidly coordinate:

  • Desk set up and building access
  • Office moves
  • Queues for employee maintenance requests
  • Asset management and distribution

Security & Compliance

4me ESM makes the lives of security and compliance teams easy, by masterfully organizing and automating a wide array of functions. At the same time, 4me’s weekly release schedule and full visibility assures that compliance and security are maintained. Use ESM to take the stress out of:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Compliance audits
  • Training & development
  • IP Support


If your Sales department is running into process-related roadblocks, 4me ESM gives them the streamlined workflows they need. 4me ESM boosts Sales processes like:

  • Coordinating events
  • Planning customer outreach
  • Interface with other stakeholders and departments
  • Generating collateral
  • Commission questions
  • Expense requests
  • Contract requests 


4me ESM helps marketers enjoy high levels of efficiency and visibility, as well as a superior level of cross-departmental coordination, so they can support sales teams and the rest of the organization to the highest degree possible. 4me ESM helps Marketing teams with:

  • Interfacing with sales, graphic design, and other entities
  • Managing events
  • Creating and executing promotional campaigns
  • Handling requests from external departments
  • Reviewing productivity and efficiency metrics


For any business looking to boost efficiency, reduce silo-ing, and get the most out of their ITSM architecture, 4me is an ideal solution. We’re transforming service management for the modern enterprise – and that includes our advanced, comprehensive ESM capabilities. Via an AI-forward, service-oriented, multi-tenant SaaS platform, we seamlessly connect teams and departments, optimizing service delivery across the organization. Easy to deploy, use, and maintain, 4me is already being leveraged by hundreds of companies in order to optimize their ESM architecture. There’s no better way to turbocharge your productivity and connectivity.

Ready for the next step?

If all of this is sounding exciting, and you’re considering moving your organization into ESM, reach out to your 4me Customer Success Representative to discuss next steps to get your internal departments on board: