React to Notes With Emoticons


Concur with an idea? Grateful for a solution? Happy with an achievement? It’s always possible to reply with one note to another. But sometimes, one emoticon can sum up everything that needs to be said.

Several changes have been made around how a specialist can engage with an existing note (and even more will happen in the next few weeks). First, the note actions menu, the ellipsis menu at the right side of each note, has been removed. Instead, the actions for a note are now accessible just by hovering over a note.

Add reaction

A new option has been added to those actions: Add Reaction. When selecting that action, a specialist can select one of several emoticons to react to that note, such as a ‘Thumb up’ emoticon (👍), or a ‘Smiley’ (🙂).

Emoticons note

Multiple specialists can add reactions to the same note. Hovering over an emoticon shows who has (or have) added it. The author of a note is notified if someone adds a reaction to it, as it can be important for the request, problem or other record type that can contain notes.