Real-Time Inbox

InboxOver the past weeks we have been extending the infrastructure of the 4me service. A major component has been added that delivers real-time updates in your inbox. It makes sure that when a request, problem or task gets assigned to you or your team, you will see it immediately in the Inbox console. Also, when someone has updated one of your inbox items, this update is instantly visible in your inbox views.

Real-Time Inbox=
By providing real-time information, rather than polling the servers once a minute, the response times can be reduced by an average of 30 seconds every time a request, problem or task gets assigned. This may not sound like much, but it adds up when an organization is handling thousands of assignments each week, especially when specialists of multiple teams are involved in their completion.

For end users this means they can get back to being productive just a little sooner. For service providers it can mean the difference between meeting the SLA targets and paying the penalty for a violation.