Recent Requests from Requester on SHB

Service Hierarchy Browser

When an incident, RFC or RFI is created or edited, the Service Hierarchy Browser (SHB) opens at the right side of the screen. Here, a specialist can apply the correct service instance, configuration item, template, or knowledge article. The SHB can also show other information, such as open requests and known errors. Two new sections have been added to the Service Hierarchy Browser to help the specialist avoid duplicate requests: ‘Recent From Requester’ and ‘Recent From Organization’.

The ‘Recent From Requester’ section shows recent requests from the person in the request’s Requested for field, while the ‘Recent From Organization’ section shows recent requests from the organization of the person selected in the ‘Requested for’ field. These recent requests are never older than 60 days and are primarily ordered by the service instance that was impacted in both requests.

shb recent from requester