Recurring Workflows for CI Maintenance

Configuration Item

When a task needs to be performed on a regular basis then it is best to create a recurring workflow for this in 4me.  An example of this is maintenance tasks for configuration items.  But when an organization has many assets that require regular maintenance, and when those tasks cannot always be performed at the same time, the number of required workflow templates can become too large to maintain properly.  For this reason, it is now possible to define maintenance schedules per product or per configuration item directly on their respective forms.

For configuration items (CIs) from products with a product category related to the rule sets for physical assets or servers, a ‘Maintenance’ section has been added to the form.

Here, a workflow template can be selected that creates a recurring workflow with justification ‘Maintenance’.  Instead of defining the recurrence within that workflow template, it can be defined for the CI. This means, that the same workflow template can be used for different CIs, with different maintenance schedules.  A calendar may be selected to define on which times and days the recurrence should be skipped.  After saving, the Next occurrence (and later also the Last occurrence) is also shown in this section.

It is also possible to define maintenance schedules on product level, as the product form now also contains a ‘Maintenance’ section. When a new configuration item is added from a product that has a recurring workflow and a maintenance schedule defined, that schedule is then copied to the CI. It is then still possible to adjust the schedule. The ‘Maintenance’ section on the product does not have a Start date or an End date; those must be defined on the configuration item form. The workflow is only started if the status of the CI is ‘In Production’ or ‘Installed’.