Reducing Administrative Overhead

RequestWherever we can, we try to minimize the amount of administration required from support specialists. We don’t just do that to make the support specialists happy, though. It saves organizations real money when their people can work more efficiently.

Request categoriesRecently we found a way to make it a little easier to complete requests of the category ‘Complaint’, ‘Compliment’ or ‘Other’.

Since these types of requests are not related to a specific service, they do not get considered during the problem management reviews for any of the services (i.e. they will not show up in a problem manager’s Requests for Problem Identification view). Instead, such requests are typically reviewed on a periodic basis by the service desk manager with the objective to identify support improvement opportunities.

Completion reason field
That means that the Completion reason field is not needed for these requests to identify potential problems. In turn, that means that there is no reason to ask support specialists to select a completion reason when they complete such requests. So, from now on, the Completion reason field will no longer become visible when a request of the category ‘Complaint’, ‘Compliment’ or ‘Other’ is set to the status ‘Completed’.