Reference Other Records

ReferenceThe Reference feature has become available in the Note fields of requests, problems, releases, changes, change tasks, projects and project tasks. This is an important usability feature that makes it possible for specialists to include references to other 4me records in their notes.
It was already possible to insert the permalink of another 4me record in a note, but that had the disadvantage that the permalink could only be used by other people who work in the same 4me account as the specialist who added the link. When a specialist of a managed service provider (MSP) would add the permalink of another request, for example, the MSP’s customer would not be able to use this link because it would point to the 4me account of the MSP.
When the new Reference feature is used, people of the customer organization are also be able to use the link, provided of course that they have access to the referenced record.
To add a reference to a note is easy. A specialist can click on the ‘Reference (#)’ option in the formatting bar, or simply enter the # symbol. That opens a dialog that allows another request, problem, release, change, change task, project or project task to be found.
Add a reference in the note field of a request
When a specialist enters the record ID or part of the record’s subject, the record is suggested so that it can be selected.
Selecting a reference in the Note field of a request
After selecting a record, its reference is inserted in the Note field.
The Note field of a request in Edit mode with a reference
When the record is saved, the reference appears as hyperlinked text in the note. Other people (specialists as well as end users) who have access to the referenced record will be able to click on the hyperlink to open it. For someone who does not have access to the referenced record, the reference will still be visible, but the text will not be hyperlinked.
The Note field of a request in View mode with a reference
After a reference has been added, 4me automatically adds a system note to the referenced record. The system note ensures that people who open the referenced record are aware that there is related record.
The notes section of a referenced request with system note