Relations Removed from Removed CIs

RemovedFrom now on, when the status of a configuration item is set to ‘Removed’, its service, service instance, CI and user relations are automatically removed.

Active CI with relations
Apart from helping to keep the CMDB relations accurate, this ensures that removed configuration items (i.e. CIs for which the support organization no longer has any responsibility) no longer show up in the Service Hierarchy Browser (SHB).

Removed CI without relations
In addition to automatically removing these relations after a CI has been removed, a small usability feature has been added that makes it easier to identify inactive CIs. When the status of a CI is ‘Archived’, ‘To Be Removed’, ‘Lost or Stolen’ or ‘Removed’, its name is written in strikethrough characters when it is presented in View mode, and the disabled symbol is displayed over the CI’s picture to indicate that it is no longer active.