Remaining Prepaid User-Months

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People who have the Administrator or Auditor role of a 4me directory account or standard account (i.e. not of a support domain account) can now open the ‘Billable Users’ section in the Settings console to check how many 4me prepaid user-months their organization still has available.

Billable users section with remaining prepaid user-months

Because organizations are typically able to order prepaid user-months at a discount, it can be an important number to keep an eye on.  By making sure there are sufficient prepaid user-months left, administrators can help their organization avoid the pay-as-you-go price for consumed user-months.

At the end of each month, the number of user-months consumed during the past month gets deducted from the number of remaining prepaid user-months.

It is important to keep in mind, though, that an organization can own multiple standard accounts and even multiple directory accounts.  If that is the case, the number of consumed user-months that is visible for the current month probably does not offer a good indication of how many user-months are going to be deduced at the end of the current month.  That’s because the consumed user-months of those other accounts will also be deducted from the organization’s pool of remaining prepaid user-months.