Reopen Count

APIA new metric is being tracked for requests. It is called the reopen count. The reopen count is the number of times that a request’s status has changed from ‘Completed’ to a different value.

So, for example, when a requester indicates that he is not satisfied with the solution provided and reopens his request, the reopen count is increased by 1 for the account in which the request is registered.
Similarly, after a managed service provider (MSP) has completed an incident, causing the request to be returned to a team of the MSP’s customer, a specialist of the customer may indicate that she is not satisfied with the way that the incident was resolved. When she assigns the request back to the MSP, the reopen count for the account of the MSP increases by 1.
So, just like the assignment count, the reopen count of a request can differ depending on the 4me account from which a request’s data is retrieved. The reopen count of a request can be retrieved for a specific account by administrators using 4me’s Requests API, or in the ‘Analytics Explorer’ section of the Analytics console.
Below is a CURL example that retrieves the reopen count of requests from the gigatera account:

curl -u “api-token:x” -H “X-4me-Account: gigatera” -X GET “,subject,reopen_count”