Reordering Automation Rule Actions


Automation rules can save a lot of time, and even mistakes, by automating predictable events in 4me, or events that occur often. In some cases, these automation rules can become quite long, containing multiple expressions and actions. Keeping such complex automation rules orderly makes it easier to properly maintain them. This has now been improved, by making it possible to easily change the order of the actions of a rule.

When an account administrator or designer hovers the mouse pointer over any of the actions of an automation rule, a subtle ‘grabber’ appears at the far left of the line, just left of the note, value, or email icon. Hovering the mouse pointer over it, the pointer changes to the ‘move’ pointer.

Automation rule actions

Just by dragging this line to another position within the actions, the order of the actions can now be changed at will.

It was already possible to change the order of the automation rule expressions this way. These expressions should, of course, not be rearranged just to group them in a more readable way, as the order in which they are placed dictates the processing order.