Reply to a Note


When a specialist or end user needs to respond to a specific note, or a specific passage of a note, then it is usually clearest if that note or passage is copied in a new note, with a mention to the original author. This can now be done with a single mouse click, by selecting the new ‘Reply’ option in the note actions menu.

Reply to note

The record on which the note was placed is now immediately opened in edit mode, with the original note text pasted into the note as quoted text with the cursor directly under it, and preceded by a @mention of the person who wrote the original note.

replying to note

If the original note was public, the reply-note is also public. And if it was internal, the reply-note is also internal. If the original note was created by sending an email from the record, the reply to it will also become an email, with the original sender in the To field and any other recipients in the Cc field. Likewise, if the original note was an internal email, the reply to it will also be internal.