Reply Within 28 Days

NoteNormally, when someone replies to an email notification from 4me about a request, problem, release, change, change task, project or project task, the reply gets added as a note to the record for which the notification was generated. From now on, though, 4me first checks whether this record reached its final status more than 28 days ago. If that is the case, rather than adding the reply to this record, 4me’s Mail API will generate a new request with a note containing the body of the reply email.

This was already the case for email that is not a reply to a notification generated by 4me, but which has the ID of an existing record in its Subject field. This adjustment therefore brings the processing of replies to 4me notifications in line with the processing of inbound email that is not a reply to a 4me notification.

More details about inbound mail processing can be found in 4me’s developer documentation.