Report on First Call Resolutions & Service Desk Resolutions

Horizontal Bar ChartThe following two reports have been added to allow them to be added to a dashboard that tracks the performance of the service desk:

  • First Call Resolutions by Member
  • Service Desk Only Resolutions by Member

The first report provides a reliable indicator of how capable an agent is at completing a new request without needing any assistance from other service desk analysts or from a second or third line specialist.

First Call Resolutions by Member report

The second report is also very useful.  It not only shows the first call resolutions of each agent, it also gives credit to service desk analysts when they resolve a request that was passed to them by a colleague who could not resolve it when it was being registered.

Because these two reports directly track the performance of individuals, they are disabled by default.  This ensures that organizations that are not allowed to run such reports do not get into trouble with their internal policies or local regulations.