Report on Completed Requests

Horizontal bar chartThe reports ‘Completed Requests By Team’ and ‘Completed Requests By Member’ have been improved. They now show only the requests that were completed by a team of the account in which the report is opened.
This means that when a request was assigned to the 4me account of a managed service provider and a team of the customer organization decides to take the request back and completed it, then the request shows up in the ‘Completed Requests By Team’ report when the customer runs it, but not when the MSP runs it.
Completed Requests by Team report
If the customer has outsourced its service desk function to an external service provider, the service desk team that is selected in the first line support agreement (FLSA) that covers the customer is considered a team of both organizations.
Team filter for completed requestsThe same logic is now applied when other reports, like the  ‘Completed Requests by Organization’ report or the KPI ‘Completed Requests’, are filtered by team. Only the teams of the 4me account in which the report is run are now provided as options.
Again, this includes the service desk team when the help desk function has been outsourced to a provider that uses its own 4me account.